Your Favorite All Hallows Geek Posts of 2017

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I started this adventure.  All Hallows Geek officially turned one this past Friday and with this post, I’ll have filled a total of 31 pages of content, which is quite convenient considering the theme of the site.  Over the last year, I’ve published over 200 stories, made countless new friends, thanks in part to the efforts of Miranda at Spooky Little Halloween and have been fortunate enough to attend a number of exciting events dedicated to horror and Halloween.  But none of that matters without my readers, so what was it that sent shivers down your spine in 2017?  Here’s the list of our most visited posts over the last year:

A List of the Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup Pack Locations

I watch a lot of cartoons and play a lot of video games, so when Mojang announced an Adventure Time/Minecraft mashup I had to scope it out.  In this post, I do a high-level overview of all the locations from the show I came across during my run across the land of Ooo.  There are likely more than what I initially found, in fact I’m sure of it since the Cartoon Network Instagram account shared a number of them, but this is a good primer if you want to see exactly what sections of Ooo made it into the mashup.

Walmart’s 2017 Glow-in-the-Dark Horror DVD’s

The original Instagram photo that sparked this post has since been taken down, but it was our first peek at what Walmart had in store for 2018 with its popular glow-in-the-dark DVD collection.  These sadly never made it to my local Walmart, but in talking to other Halloween and horror fanatics they were definitely popping up in a number of Walmarts across the country.

Halloween Time 2017 at the Disneyland Resort

While much of this year’s D23 celebration focused on major overhauls to the Disneyland Resort around Marvel and Pixar, one of the overlooked announcements was the expanded Halloween offerings the resort had in store for 2017.  The Halloween fun spread to Disney California Adventure park for probably the most extensive overlay in years with The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Oogie Boogie taking over the front of the park as well as Radiator Springs.  We visited the park multiple times during the Halloween season, so if you missed out on the fun or aren’t local be sure to scroll through our Instagram to relive some of the Halloween fun from 2017.

AVON’s 2017 Halloween Offerings

While AVON isn’t a brand most think of these days, they still put out some solid Halloween decor each year and we were fortunate enough to get a sneak peek  (which came in at number 7 on this list) and then the full look at this year’s Halloween offerings from the brand.  Needless to say, the brand is more popular than we anticipated based on how many of you decided to check this post out.

2017 Halloween Treats at The Disneyland Resort

Though it wasn’t as popular as the announcement of 2017 Halloween at The Disneyland Resort, you ate up, both figuratively and hopefully literally all the spooky snacks and treats the resort was offering during this year’s Halloween season.  From Bat Wing Raspberry Sundae’s to Spider Parfait, the resort offered some treats that were, to die for.

White Pumpkin Pie M&M’s

One of the first Halloween candies to be teased in 2017 was the new fall M&M flavor, White Pumpkin Pie.  This year we also got the Halloween specific Cookies & Scream flavor, but this was the closest thing we had to Halloween candy so early in the year, so of course, us Halloweenies were content with it even if it was a more generic fall flavor.

The Roseanne Halloween Episodes Ranked

In mid-2017 we were teased with the idea that the classic 90’s sitcom Roseanne might be making a comeback.  As a fan of the show I was feeling nostalgic and decided to re-watched all of the special Halloween episodes and rank them from best to worst.  We now know the show is in fact returning and is set to premiere on March 27, 2018 for a nine episode Spring season.  Here’s hoping the show continues after this initial run so we get a 2018 Connor Halloween.

LEGO Pennywise

Stephen King’s IT was huge in 2017 and so was this post featuring an all LEGO bust of creepy clown Pennywise.  The bust was created by LEGO builder Tim Lydy, whose work actually made a few appearances on the site in 2017.

Vampirina Premiere Date, Trailer, and Theme Song

Disney Junior got spooky year-round in 2017 thanks to the premiere of their new animated series Vampirina, which stars a family of vampires based on the popular children’s book series “Vampirina Ballerina.”

Overall this year has been a lot of fun and we hope you’ve enjoyed the content as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.  We have a lot more in store for 2018 so we hope you’ll stick around for another year as we share and explore all things creepy and cooky in the world of Halloween and popular culture.  Happy New Year!

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