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Spirit Halloween Unleashes More Animatronic Clowns for Halloween 2019 with New Tug-of-War Animatronic

Following last week’s reveal of their Rotten Ringmaster animatronic, Spirit Halloween has unveiled another scary circus addition with their six foot tall Tug-of-War Animatronic featuring a pair of clowns playing a unique game of tug-of-war.

The Tug-of-War animatronic features two clowns tilting back and forth in a tugging motion while they fight over the screaming victim in the middle. Each clown’s mouth moves as they speak and frightfully banter back and forth.

Spirit Halloween clown tug-of-war animatronic
(Image: Spirit Halloween)

The animatronic is IR sensor activated and step pad compatible and says six sinister sayings:

  • “You must not be pulling hard enough. I don’t hear her screaming anymore. (Child screams.) “Ah, there we go. Screaming makes our work so much more enjoyable. Haha yeah, scream along, everybody! Hahaha! (Child screams.)”
  • “Hands off, Stevie, I found her first. No way, Chatters. I caught her fair and square. (Child screams.) You heard her Stevie, hand her over. Not a chance. I can play tug-of-war all night. (Child screams).”
  • “(Child screams.) I’m taking my share if I have to tear her in half. (Child screams.) I’m okay with that. 50% for you, 50% for me. (Child screams.) Hmm, I don’t trust your math. (Child screams.)”
  • “Hey, kids. We’re the clowns your parents warned you about! (Child screams.) No use screaming, kid. You became a Halloween trick for us to treat on. (Child screams.) Ah, yes. A nice game of Halloween tug-of-war.”
  • “Hahaha. (Child screams.) Hahaha. (Child screams.) Hahaha.”
  • Such Halloween spirit in this one. So true! Just don’t pull so hard this time. You broke the last one. Don’t worry, there’s more where I found this one. (Child screams.)”

The Tug-Of-War Animatronic is available now for pre-order on the Spirit Halloween website for $499.99 and is expected to ship on or before August 14, 2019.

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