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New for 2019, Spirit Halloween Unveils 7 Foot ‘Rotten Ringmaster’ Animatronic

Following the announcement of the life-size replica of the Terror Dog from Ghostbusters, Spirit Halloween has announced another new Halloween prop for 2019, the “Rotten Ringmaster.”

This new animatronic is sure to add a new level of scare to any circus or clown themed haunt. Standing at 7 feet tall, the Rotten Ringmaster moves from side to side, showing off his caged prey to anyone who walks by. Inside, his victim, a young girl, rocks back and forth as she struggles to break free.

Spirit Halloween's Rotten Ringmaster
(Image: Spirit Halloween)

The animatronic is IR sensor activated and step pad compatible and says six sinister sayings:

  • “Step right up and see the human condition on display. (Child screams.) Will this little one be stuck in a cage forever? (Child screams.) Or will she be fed to the lion? (Child screams.) Only time will tell. (Child screams.) Hahahaha.
  • “(Child screams.) My little friend here had dreams of joining the circus where all of her wishes would come true. How’s that working out for ya? Hahahaha (Child screams.)”
  • “Ah the relaxing life under the big top. You’ll never be the same after joining the carnie. Just look at this one here: Young, carefree. She has her whole life ahead of her. After a few years of being stuck in a cage, she’ll be lucky to get out alive. Hahahaha. (Child screams.)”
  • “Come one, come all to the grizzliest show on earth. (Child screams.) Slaughter, mayhem, CLOWNS (Child screams.) Fun for the whole family hahaha (Child screams.)”
  • “(Child screams.) Hahaha Muahaha Hahaha.”
  • “I saw this one and thought that she would have a great future in the circus. She’d be perfect as bait for the lions. And she does have a great scream! (Child screams.) See! If anything, she sure does make me laugh. Hahaha.”

The Rotten Ringmaster is available now for pre-order on the Spirit Halloween website for $349.99 and is expected to start shipping in late July.

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