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Spirit Unveils Most Terrifying Clown Animatronic Yet with 7 Foot Tall ‘Crouchy’

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Spirit Halloween seems to be in the market to destroy people with a fear of clowns this Halloween. So far this season they’ve announced three new clown animatronics including original concepts, the Rotten Ringmaster and Tug-of-War, as well as American Horror Story’s Twisty the Clown. But today, they unveiled perhaps the most terrifying clown yet with the 7′ tall Crouchy animatronic.

Crouchy, who’s backstory according to Spirit deems him “the scariest clown in the circus,” features razor-sharp teeth and nails and stands at a towering seven feet tall. Infrared sensor activated and step pad compatible, Crouchy moves his body and head side to side while letting out a maniacal laugh.

Crouchy is available now on SpiritHalloween.com for $299.99 and is expected to ship on or before August 28, 2019.

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