‘Spooky Coloring Book’ Arrives Next Month Featuring Creepy But Cute Illustrations for Your Inner Witch

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If you’re looking for a fun indoor summer activity, look no further than “Spooky Coloring Book,” arriving on July 11 from artist Sara Szewczyk.

Spooky Coloring Book cover featuring Witch Cat in the forest.

“Spooky Coloring Book” follows a witch cat, inspired by Szewczyk’s own cat Bagheera, as she goes about her day crafting spells, making potions, and meeting her fellow creatures — ghosts, dragons, three-eyed beasts, and more. Perfect for all ages, the book’s creepy but cute illustrations are approachable while still being intricate enough for adults to enjoy.

Each illustration in the book is its own page and is printed on thick paper, meaning you can use colored pencils, ink pens, markers, pastels, or other media, and they won’t bleed onto the next design.

“Spooky Coloring Book” is available for pre-order now from Amazon or wherever you buy books.

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