Survival Horror Gorefest ‘Cruelty’ Arrives for PC

“Cruelty,” a Japanese-made third-person survival horror game, will arrive on PC later this week. Not for the faint of heart, this game is so splatter-filled and gory that YouTube won’t even let us share the launch trailer here due to age restrictions.

In “Cruelty,” after an accident that leaves them unconscious, players awaken to find themselves in a nightmarish slaughterhouse, where horrific scenes unfold, and inescapable terror awaits. To survive, you must solve puzzles instead of engaging in combat with enemies while evading or hiding from threats.

Each game lasts 30 to 60 minutes and features immersive, high-quality graphics, fully voiced characters, cinematic cut scenes, and elaborate depictions of gore.

“Cruelty” will be available on the Epic Games Store and on June 14 and on Steam on June 18, 2024. It will cost just $6.99.

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