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Tell Your Valentine You Love Them To Death With This Macabre Mix of Chocolates

Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2017, Vegan Treats has released its Dearly Departed, Fatally Yours gourmet chocolate boxes.  Each box contains a macabre mix of handmade chocolates including skulls, bones, some fingers, (hopefully not one of the chocolatiers) and more.  Packaged appropriately in a custom black heart with silver-embossed “Fatally Yours” these chocolates are perfect for that special boil or ghoul in your life.

In total, a box of Dearly Departed, Fatally Yours will set you back $94.95 and includes 19 pieces of custom Swiss and White chocolate, finished in gold leaf.  The hauntingly dark and delicious assortment will contain:

  • Chocolate chip cookie dough skull
  • Speculoos cup skulls (2)
  • Hazelnut praline candy crunch constellations (2)
  • “Milk” chocolate peanut butter cup hearts (2)
  • Chocolate soufflé leaves (2)
  • Blood red velvet roses (2)
  • White chocolate “Forget me Not” fingers (2)
  • Caramel cookie stix humerus bone
  • Swiss chocolate passion fruit (3)
  • Black raspberry Scarab beetle
  • Beloved Vegan Treats funerary plaque

These one-of-a-kind Valentine’s go quick and are made in limited quantities, so be sure to order soon.  All boxes ship on February 7 to ensure they arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.  Looking to splurge?  They also offer an “Ultimately Fatally Yours” version for $124.95 that includes 25 chocolates and a limited edition black screened handkerchief.

H/T The Spooky Vegan

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