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Terminator 2 Fan Makes a Frame-by-Frame Recreation of the Film Using GTA V

People have done some impressive stuff in the GTA modding community, but I’ve never seen anything as in depth as this.  A T2 fan has almost completely recreated Terminator 2 in GTA V.

Put together by a Moscow, Russia-based YouTube account called Kramer’s Media, the hour long video appears to be built on top of the original film audio and follows the events and scenes from the film almost perfectly.  From the opening Terminator battle to the motorcycle chase to the heartbreaking goodbye at the end of the film, it has it all.  There are minor plot points and scenes that didn’t make the cut, but nothing so detrimental that it takes away from the story.  Honestly, if I hadn’t seen the movie myself a few dozen times since it came out, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the scenes were missing.

From the description of the video, it appears the film was originally created in Russian and was adapted to the English version after the film saw support globally and requests came in for an English version.  This may explain the missing pieces, and it also explains why the final monologue in the film is voiced in both the original English dialogue and with a Russian voiceover.  Regardless, it’s a fun watch if you can get past the shotty GTA graphics and appreciate this as a time intensive piece of art.

h/t: Mashable

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