In Celebration of The Haunted Mansion’s 50th Anniversary, Monster Manor Workshop To Release Fan Film Series

With 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of Disneyland’s The Haunted Mansion, there is a lot happening around the fandom. Midsummer Scream is hosting a panel on the beloved attraction, Haunted OC released a commemorative pin and is hosting a Swinging Wake and we’re even set to get an all-new Haunted Mansion graphic novel. But there is another project in the works from Monster Manor Workshop. A Haunted Mansion fan film starring an all-puppet cast!

Created by veteran filmmaker N.R. Van Slambrouck, the new three-part miniseries will tell the story of a young orphan who lives in a derelict manor where he acts as a sort of ghost host to all the restless spirits in search for their final resting place.

“I want to tell a quick little tale much in the vein of the old Jim Henson productions,” said Van Slambrouck. “Where it is both wacky & unhinged while also being sweet and nostalgic.”

Leveraging a mix of puppetry, green screen and miniatures Van Slambrouck hopes to recreate the aesthetic of the attraction in the film itself.

A passion project that Van Slambrouck hopes will showcase the skills he’s developed over the last quarter of a century of filmmaking, the series is expected to premiere sometime in May. A teaser for the film that recites the narration from the classic Disney attraction along with some of the puppetry and special effects Van Slambrouck will be leveraging in the new series was released last month.

You can catch some of Van Slambrouck’s past work and his Haunted Mansion fan film series when it debuts on his Monster Manor Workshop YouTube channel.

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