The First Full Trailer for ‘Child’s Play’ Has Arrived, and It Will Make You Want to Disconnect Your Smart Devices

Orion Pictures has just released the first full trailer for their Child’s Play reboot and gives us a glimpse into the havoc this modern Chucky can wreak thanks to his built-in smart home capabilities.

We’ve known since Orion introduced us to Buddi, that the modern doll in the reboot would use sophisticated AI and network to other “smart” products made by the fictitious business giant Kaslan, but to what extent we didn’t know until now. Based on the trailer Kaslan is much like the Google’s, Apple’s and Amazon’s of the real world and can be found in pretty much everything from your thermostat, to your car, to your toys, and Chucky seems to have access to all of them.

What’s still not clear from the trailer is whether or not this Chucky is possessed the way the “Good Guy Doll” from the original film was, or if this is just a case of AI gone bad…you know, like Terminator. What we do know though is that regardless of Chucky’s motivations he’s going to use every Kaslan device at his disposal, which will likely make for some interesting kills.

Child’s Play hits theaters June 21.

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