The Invisible Man Comes Out of Retirement For New Audi Self-Driving Car Ad

The Invisible Man. He’s not a character tapped very often for advertising, but Audi found the perfect opportunity to leverage the classic H.G. Wells character in a new ad spot for self-driving cars, which will run at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

In the ad, a now-retired Invisible Man reflects on his lengthy acting career while drinking whiskey by the pool and enjoying a cigar.  In it we also learn that he now has a grandson, one he hopes will follow in his footsteps with “a lifetime dedicated to horror, suspense, science fiction.”  His only regret? Never working with cars, and now thanks to Audi’s self-driving technology he probably never will.

According to AdWeek, the larger campaign will include print ads, an interview in one of Spain’s major film magazines, and a promotion rewarding viewers who can identify the seven movie references in the ad.

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