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The Mystic Museum’s Hereafter Hauntings Exhibit

Earlier this year we shared with you the Mystic Museum’s Slashback Video and Ben Cooper costumes exhibit.  Last night, we returned to the museum as they held their opening gala for their latest exhibit, “Hereafter Hauntings.”  Sponsored by Midsummer Scream and The Haunt Store, the immersive exhibit and art show is dedicated to all things afterlife.

The latest exhibit features artwork from over 40 different artists and one of the largest spirit board collections you’ll find under a single roof.  The collection of spirit boards on display spans generations and range from custom wooden pieces and classic paper versions to your modern and licensed takes on the Ouija board like Stranger Things, Emily Strange, and of course the glow-in-the-dark Ouija.  The exhibit also features original advertisements and newspaper clippings promoting spirits boards, psychics, and more.

Some of the spirit boards on display at the Mystic Museum's Hereafter Hauntings exhibit

Peppered throughout the exhibit are a number of original art pieces inspired by the exhibit.  Pieces range from watercolor to digital creations, to mixed media and paper and are all available for sale.  In addition to the originals, a handful of the pieces are also available as prints for purchase in the Mystic Museum’s store.

Some of the original artwork on display at the Mystic Museum's Hereafter Hauntings exhibit
A sampling of the original art pieces on display at the Hereafter Hauntings exhibit.

In addition to the artwork and spirit boards, the exhibit features a room with larger “haunted” displays.  Keep your eyes peeled and listen carefully as you may miss the subtle hauntings taking place as you make your way through the exhibit.

One of the immersive displays in the Mystic Museum's Hereafter Hautnings exhibit

This was another really fun show from the Mystic Museum and if you’re fascinated by spirit boards, the afterlife, and the like you’ll definitely want to check this out if you’re in the Burbank area while this exhibit is on display.  Be sure to check out our Instagram for additional photos from the exhibit along with a quick video of one of the hauntings in the immersive display area.

The Mystic Museum is located at 3204 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank, CA. For more information on the museum and its exhibits visit their website.

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