Three New Songs Teased from Disney/Pixar’s “Coco”

Last week, Disney/Pixar gave us a brand new trailer for their upcoming animated feature film Coco, which highlighted the role of music in the story more than the previously released trailer had.  Now, thanks to we are able to sample some of the music that will be part of the film, which is scheduled for a November 22 release.

Remember Me

Written by the Oscar-winning team behind the music of Frozen, “Remember Me” is a bolero ranchero-style song performed by the film’s character Ernesto de la Cruz the musical idol of film protagonist, 12-year-old Miguel.

Un Poco Loco

Written by Germaine Franco with lyrics by Coco’s directory and screenwriter Adrian Molina, “Un Poco Loco” is the song Miguel and his skeletal sidekick Hector perform at a Land of the Dead talent show.

The World Es Mi familia

“The World Es Mi Familia” is a “Huapango-inspired song (once again written by Franco and Molina) which Miguel sings in a bid to capture the attention of Ernesto de la Cruz.”

The Coco Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available November 10.

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