Disney/Pixar Finally Gives Us the Coco Trailer We’ve Been Waiting For

When Disney/Pixar released the first Coco Trailer I commented on how I felt it like it deviated greatly from the direction the original teaser gave the film.  The trailer focused so heavily on The Land of the Dead that the story of a boy, his love of music and finding the origin of his family’s generations old ban on music was completely lost.  The new trailer, released yesterday, titled “Find Your Voice” finally found a balance between the teaser, which was released back in March and the trailer released this past June.

In the latest trailer, we get more context around Miguel, his love of music, and his family’s ban.  And yes, we even get some more Land of the Dead, but this time it offers deeper ties to the actual story and feels less like a movie about a boy stuck in a mysterious world simply looking for a way out.  Check out the trailer below, and be sure to check out Disney/Pixar’s Coco in theaters this Thanksgiving.

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