First Full Coco Trailer Takes Us to the Land of the Dead

Disney/Pixar has released it’s first full trailer for the upcoming film Coco, which is scheduled to hit theaters on November 22.  The new trailer gives us the first in-depth look into the Land of the Dead and I must say, it’s stunning!  The trailer also introduces us to a cast of undead characters that inhabit this world, many of which are the deceased family members of the film’s main character Miguel.  The trailer also features some of the similar types of humor we saw in the previously released short Dante’s Lunch, which introduced us to the film’s canine co-star.

Overall I was underwhelmed.  While the film looks visually stunning, I had hoped for more when I heard this trailer was going to drop, but we got a lot of the same with a few new glimpses into the Land of the Dead.  What frustrates me, and concerns me a bit is that I can’t tell what direction Disney/Pixar is taking this film.  All of the info around the film has talked of a generations-old ban on music and Miguel solving the mystery behind it.  The teaser alluded to this greatly, but with this first official trailer, the music element almost feels like a minor subplot with the real focus on Miguel escaping the Land of the Dead.  What did you think of the trailer?

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