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Universal Monsters, Ghost ‘N Goblins, and Misfits Among Toy Fair 2018 ReAction Figures

I’ll probably take some heat for this, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the ReAction figures.  I see all the amazing licenses they get and I want them, but then I see them up close and remember how much they look like the poorly painted figures of my youth and I can’t bring myself to buy them.  I get that that’s the whole point of the brand, but it bugs me.  That said, I always get excited about their releases in the hopes that one day I will be impressed enough with the licensed character or the figure itself to finally start buying them.  At Toy Fair New York 2018, Super 7, the maker of ReAction figures unveiled prototypes of a handful of upcoming figures.

Universal Monsters

Though I’m wary of the Universal Monsters reboots after the travesty that was The Mummy, I do like the resurgence in the brand’s licensing popularity.  Target partnered with the brand last Halloween and again for Valentine’s Day 2018 and now it appears that Super 7 has lined up an agreement to bring us 3 3/4 inch figures of some of our favorite classic monsters.  Though only four prototypes were on display, a total of seven card back’s were featured that included The Phantom of the Opera, The Mummy, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Mole People, and The Metaluna Mutant.

Prototypes of The Mummy, The Wolf Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Metaluna Mutant on display at Toy Fair New York 2018

Ghost ‘N Goblins

If you’re a fan of classic arcade and NES games then you’ll be excited about another prototype that Super7 has on display at this year’s Toy Fair New York.  The cast of the classic side-scroller Ghost ‘N Goblins is in the works and features Astaroth, a skeleton, a unicorn, a zombie and Arthur in both his armor as well as his underwear.

Prototypes of the Ghost 'N Goblins ReAction figures at Toy Fair New York 2018


Whether you refer to him as The Fiend or The Crimson Ghost, the Misfits’ skeletal mascot is iconic and their brand of horror punk is timeless.  Super 7 has released a classic black and white fiend as well as a red variant in the past, but at Toy Fair, they unveiled five new variant figures inspired by Misfits album art.  The first variant comes in a transparent yellow cloak and is inspired by the artwork for the 7″ single Horror Business.  The second variant is a blood-spattered version of the all-black fiend, inspired by the album art for the 7″ single Bullet, which depicts the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  The third variant is inspired by the Misfits 1980 7″ Single Halloween and comes in an orange cloak and looks as though the face and hands are glow in the dark (however I cannot confirm this is the case.)  The fourth variant is inspired by the band’s second full-length album Earth A.D. and uses the same purple and green motif used in the album art.  The final variant is simply a glow in the dark variation of The Fiend and does not appear to be tied to a specific album.

The full line of Misfits ReAction figures on display at Toy Fair New York 2018

In addition to the above Toy Fair 2018 reveals, placards for Army of Darkness and Carrie were on display and said simply, “Coming Soon.”

Overall these latest releases look promising. I might actually buy all of the Misfits variants and the Ghost ‘N Goblins and Universal monsters look really good in the prototypes, so I’ll have to see what the final products look like.  If anything maybe someone over at Super 7 can hook me up with the prototype versions if I wind up not being a fan of the finished products.

As a side note, all of the images in this post are from ToyArk. They have had some incredible Toy Fair 2018 coverage, so if you want to scope out some of the new toys that aren’t in the horror genre go check out their coverage here.

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