Veterans from Disney and The Jim Henson Company Launch Kickstarter for New Children’s Book, ‘Merry Christmas, Krampus’

A team of creators who have worked for Disney Animation, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Nickelodeon, Disney Imagineering and The Muppets Studio have launched a KICKSTARTER campaign to help with the release of an independently published children’s book “Merry Christmas, Krampus.”

“Merry Christmas Krampus” tells the story of legendary Christmastime creature Krampus and how one child from Santa’s Naughty List teaches him that all “bad” children have some good in them.

Unlike most children’s books, which feature hand-drawn or computer illustrations, the team behind “Merry Christmas, Krampus” will be using staged still photographs featuring handcrafted puppets and sets to help bring this original Krampus story to life.

Patrick Johnson poses the puppets on the set of Merry Christmas, Krampus.

The project has a goal of $35,000 with the money raised going to everything from construction of sets and models to hiring professional lighting designers and photographers for the book with a portion of the funds going to print and ship the hardcover book. 

At the time of this writing the campaign had raised nearly $18,000 in pledges with 16 days left in the campaign. The campaign has set a number of different pledge levels ranging from as low as $10 to as high as $10,000 with a number of different reward packages available that include everything from a signed copy of the book to having yourself made into an elf that appears in the story.

Story Synopsis:

Santa’s horned counterpart, Krampus, spends the year mining coal and gathering sticks to give to the naughty boys and girls. But every December, Santa prevents Krampus from doing his job because Santa believes all children deserve toys at Christmas. This year, Krampus has had enough. He pushes Santa out of the sleigh and embarks on an adventure to put a piece of coal in every stocking.

On his first stop, Krampus encounters Randy Ruckus, who is the worst kid on the planet. Randy jumps into the sleigh and makes Krampus’ night a nightmare. But by the end, Randy has performed several good deeds, showing Krampus that all “bad” children have some good in them, and everyone deserves a second chance.

If the goal is met, the team behind the book hope to have “Merry Christmas, Krampus” printed and available by Christmas 2019. Check out the KICKSTARTER campaign for more information about the book and the team behind it.

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