Video Game Set in the World of ‘A Quiet Place’ Arriving Later This Year

Saber Interactive has officially revealed “A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead,” which will be released later this year for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Published by Saber and developed by Stormind Games, this first-person, single-player, horror adventure game is set in the world of Paramount Pictures’ “A Quiet Place” film franchise.

“A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead” takes players into an untold story of survival after humanity’s fall to deadly creatures that hunt by sound. Capturing the frantic terror, unnerving atmosphere, and gripping human drama that made the franchise famous, “A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead” is designed for fans of the films, horror games, and story-driven adventures alike. Experience the journey of a young woman struggling to endure not only the nightmarish creatures of the apocalypse but also the anguish of interpersonal family conflicts and her own inner fears. With nothing more than your wits and the simple tools you can scavenge, you’ll have to overcome the many treacherous challenges and obstacles that lay ahead. Hide, distract, and sneak past the ultimate predatory creatures, but beware: even a single noise can give you away.

A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead is available to wishlist now on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The “A Quiet Place” franchise is set in a world overrun by blind aliens with super-hearing. Humans must live in complete silence to avoid being hunted.

The first film premiered in 2018 and follows the Abbott family as they navigate this terrifying new reality, with a newborn baby adding an extra layer of difficulty to their silent survival. The 2020 sequel expands on the world, and the family’s struggle after their home is compromised. A prequel, “A Quiet Place: Day One,” is set to be released on June 27 and will depict the initial alien invasion.

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