[WATCH] An Urban Legend Comes to Life in Trailer for ‘The Bell Keeper’

The official trailer for the new horror flick “The Bell Keeper” has arrived. The film, helmed by Colton Tran, will arrive in select theaters and on demand on Friday, October 13, before heading to DVD on December 5.

The film follows a group of friends who travel to a reportedly haunted campsite, that is home to a mysterious bell. According to legend, if you ring the bell at midnight, a murderer will appear. On a mission to debunk the myth, the group soon discovers that the truth is stranger – and far more frightening – than fiction.

The film stars Randy Couture (“The Expendables”), Kathleen Kenny (“The Sex Lives of College Girls”), Reid Miller (“Joe Bell”), Mike Manning (“Days of Our Lives”), Bonnie Aarons (“The Nun”), and Chaz Bono (“American Horror Story”).

“The Bell Keeper” is written by Joe Davison and Luke Genton. The film is being produced by Artisha Mann Cooper, Jonathan J. Cooper, Chad Oliver, Nick Theurer, Kurt Van Fossen, and Kevin Weisberg.

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