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Welcome to the Théâtre des Vampires: AMC Teases Second Season of ‘Interview with the Vampire’

AMC has released a sneak peek at season two of “Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire,” which is set to return to AMC and AMC+ in 2024. The teaser for the series’ second season gives us a glimpse into Louis and Claudia’s time in Paris, where they’ll come to meet the coven of vampires at the Théâtre des Vampires.

The sneak peek also gives us our first look at Delainey Hayles as the young vampire Claudia. Hayles was cast in March to replace Bailey Bass, who played the series’ female lead in season one.

“Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire” is based on Anne Rice’s iconic novel, “Interview with The Vampire” and follows the vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac as he recounts a story of love, blood, and the perils of immortality to the journalist Daniel Molloy. The series debuted in October last year and was a hit with critics and fans alike, making it the #1 new drama on ad-supported cable in 2022. The series also ranked as the #1 new series launch on AMC’s streaming service AMC+, but was quickly dethroned by another series in the Anne Rice universe, “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches,” when it premiered back in January.

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