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‘Wendell & Wild’ Merch Arrives on the Netflix Shop

It’s been just over a month since director Henry Selick’s latest stop-motion animated feature, “Wendell & Wild,” arrived on Netflix. Fans of the film are finally getting a chance to show off their love of the movie with a small collection of new products that arrived in the Netflix shop this week.

The new collection features t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags in a small selection of varying colors featuring the film’s namesake characters, Wendell and Wild, the film’s main protagonist Kat Elliott, or the film’s logo. While not as large of a selection as something like “Stranger Things,” it’s still nice to see these characters arrive on some merchandise.

The new “Wendell & Wild” merchandise ranges in price from $25-$30 and is available now on the Netflix shop. You can check out a selection of the items below:

  • Wendell & Wild t-shirt featuring the characters Wendell and Wild
  • Purple hoodie featuring an image of the character Kat Elliott holding a boom box
  • Black tote bag with the Wendell & Wild logo
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