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With Just One Week Away, ScareLA Announces More Experiences from This Year’s Convention

ScareLA is just one week away and yet details around this year’s event are still trickling out.  In the Summerween convention’s latest email blast, they released details around four experiences taking place at the event including the final LA appearance of extreme haunt HERETIC.

The first announcement was a featured experience from The Queen Mary called “The Queen Mary After Dark” where attendees will be able to enjoy a drink in a ghostly shipyard on the ScareLA showfloor.  The feature will also have Walk-through experiences, monsters, and even a Silent Scream Disco with special sonic experiences by ALONE and haunter DJ’s.  We joked during the Queen Mary panel at Midsummer Scream that Dark Harbor would have a lot of bars this year, apparently, that theme is extending beyond the ship.

ScareLA is also premiering a new immersive experience from Hurting titled, “Innoculation.”   Details on the haunt were non-existent, in fact ScareLA claims even they don’t know what the haunt has in store.  Hurting is an L.A. based immersive production team that is known for their extreme, yet personalized horror experiences, so when they say “Not for the Faint at Heart” in the ScareLA email, they likely mean it.  Attendees looking to partake in the experience are told to “Look for the sign in the dark…”

Hurting: Inoculation Sign

As mentioned previously it was also announced that ScareLA 2018 would be HERETIC’s final LA appearance.  For 2018, like the convention itself, HERETIC took a new creative direction as Creative Director and Writer Adrian Marcato presents an homage to the underground horror sickness that inspired HERETIC.  This year’s haunt titled Underground Autopsy will be a walkthrough of still scenes from a twisted snuff film and what happens when those scenes come to life. No one under 18 will be allowed to enter and no video recording or photography will be allowed within the mini experience.  For those who enjoy the physical element of HERETIC there will be a slight physical element that will be available for those who wish to partake in something more than a jump scare.

The email included a statement from Marcato:

I would like to thank Scare LA for always being supportive and allowing us to return even though in the past some guests were shocked by some of the content within our mini experience. It is nice to see diversity and variety in the haunters they allow to display their talents. Thank you to all of our supporters as well who have always been there for us and come to see us every year even just to say hello. See you in the Dark Saturday, August 25 & Sunday, August 26, 2018, one final time.

Finally, ScareLA announced another featured experience for the weekend called “Pandemic,” a new original maze by Keys 2 Fear Productions that is a haunt and survival game in one.

For more on what this year’s ScareLA have in store check out our coverage here, or for tickets visit

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