80’s Horror Documentary ‘In Search of Darkness’ Now Live on Kickstarter

Last month I shared with you details around a new documentary in the works that looks to be a love letter to 80’s horror, In Search of Darkness. The documentary which was teased with scenes from some of your favorite 80’s horror flicks set to an upbeat synth soundtrack reminded us of everything we love about the golden era of horror cinema. Now, the Kickstarter campaign to back the project is officially live.

Already at over half of its goal at the time of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign can be found here. The folks behind the documentary have also offered up some pretty sweet perks for backing the project that range from just a basic social media shoutout to a t-shirt to a pair of tickets to attend the film’s premiere in LA and London depending on how much you pledge.

In Search of Darkness Kickstarter Rewards

If backed, production will start in January 2019, with post-production scheduled for March, April and May 2019. If all goes according to plan the completed documentary will be released in July 2019. There are a number of great horror personalities signed up for this project including Stuart Gordon, Mick Garris, Tom Holland, and Joe Dante and with dates already locked in with many of the film’s contributors the filmmakers are confident in their timeline.

Now its up to you, my fellow horror fans to help get this thing made! Unlike other 80’s horror docs the filmmakers hope to make this the most comprehensive documentary ever made exploring not just the characters, the stories, and the personalities, but also the artwork, the incredible practical special effects and the way these films reflected the era they were made and how they left their mark on popular culture.

More details on the film, the available pledge rewards and the Kickstarter campaign efforts can be found on the film’s Kickstarter page.

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