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Bath & Body Works Offers Up an App Exclusive Tease of Its 2024 Halloween Collection Ahead of Online Early Access Event

Bath & Body Works app users were offered a Halloween treat over the weekend when the body care and home fragrances retailer gave them an exclusive look at some of this year’s Halloween collection. While the tease only featured five images with products, it gave us a quick taste of some returning favorites and some new additions for 2024.

Returning Halloween Scent Favorites

From the images shared in the app, we can see that, at the least, scent favorites Ghoul Friend and Vampire Blood are returning for 2024. The teaser images featured Ghoul Friend as a body cream, with Vampire Blood showing up in candle and fine fragrance mist form. The tease also debuted Vampire Blood as a laundry detergent and fragrance booster for the first time ever.

New for 2024

As part of the tease, we got a look at some new scents for 2024. The first of these is Candy Apple Cauldron, which appears in the tease as a body wash. For men, the tease includes a body cream called Immortal, which is shown paired with the Vampire Blood fragrance mist.

Of course, fragrances weren’t the only thing teased in the app. We also got a look at a few decorative fragrance pieces, the first of which is this online-only, member-exclusive skull.

The tease also gave us our first look at what looks to be a fragrance plug featuring a spooky hearse design, complete with bat side lights and a skeleton silhouette driver.

The slideshow below features each of the product images from the sneak peek. If you don’t have the Bath & Body Works app and are not a member, now might be a good time to sign up. As part of the tease, it was announced that online-only early access to this year’s Halloween collection would be arriving on July 19.

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