Bethesda Releases Teaser for All-New Fallout Game, Fallout 76

After a 24 hour Twitch live stream featuring a Fallout bobblehead, Bethesda released this morning a teaser trailer for an brand new Fallout game, Fallout 76.

While historically Fallout games have been about surviving the wasteland during the fallout of nuclear war, the teaser for Fallout 76 suggests that this game will be much further in the future and focused on the rebuilding of society after the fallout has settled.

The mythos of vault number 76 began in Fallout 3 when the vault receives mention on a terminal in the Citadel.  There we learn that Vault 76 was a “control” vault, with 500 occupants and was designed to open 20 years after a nuclear war.  As one of 17 control vaults, it was used as a baseline to compare against experimental vaults created by Vault-Tec.  The vault also receives a mention in the prologue of Fallout 4.

In the teaser we see what appears to be the remnants of a celebration inside a vault and a banner that reads “Celebrate Reclamation Day,” suggesting that Vault 76 may have survived the 20 years as planned and now they are opening to vault in an effort to restore humanity on the surface.  That said, we know the survival rate of most vaults in the Fallout games are usually pretty slim, and we only get a glimpse of a single vault dweller in the teaser, so the backstory of Fallout 76 is likely not as good as it may seem.

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