‘The VVitch’ Inspired Fallout Mod Brings Survival Horror to the Commonwealth

With the Fallout games, the closest you get to horror is irradiated livestock, run-ins with ghouls, and of course the infamous Deathclaws, but really the games aren’t known for being a horror game, or even a scary game for that matter.  A new mod titled, Pilgrim – Dread the Commonwealth aims to change that.

The mod, which is inspired by the 2015 film The VVitch, was created by modders l00ping and TreyM.  Once installed, the mod completely changes the atmosphere of Fallout 4.  Using new weather, sounds, environmental lighting, and original music, Pilgrim turns the Commonwealth into an eerie location straight out of a horror film.  The mod’s new soundtrack also uses a dynamic music system that adjusts based on the weather and activities carried out in the game.  “The end result is a dynamic soundtrack that will change and compose itself depending on the current weather for an evolving experience.”

If that weren’t enough, the mod also gives your Commonwealth companion Dogmeat a makeover.  In the mod he has been re-textured, given glowing eyes, and has had his audio adjusted so he sounds “a little less cheerful.”  In the future, the modders hope to replace Dogmeat with a goat named Black Phillip.

Dogmeat in Pilgrim - Dread the Commonwealth

The mod is currently in beta with further additions planned for future releases, including additional soundtracks and sounds, the goat companion mentioned previously and a new Feral Ghoul system that would introduce new feral ghoul races to the Commonwealth and enhance the survival horror atmosphere of the game.

If you’re looking to bring a new level of fear to your Fallout 4 you will need to download a few things to get it up and running, but you can find the free files and instructions on how to mod your game on Pilgrim’s page at Nexus Mods.

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