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Fallout 4’s Red Rocket Truck Stop Built Entirely Out of LEGO

If you’ve followed the site for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of LEGO, but more than that, I love it when creative builders recreate iconic figures or locations from horror movies or video games completely out of LEGO.  Recently, LEGO builder Allan Corbeil did just that by recreating the Red Rocket Truck Stop from the Fallout 4 video game.

While Corbeil didn’t share any details on the creation the photos alone show that a ton of time and detail went into this work and inside you’ll notice Fallout 4’s faithful companion Dogmeat along with a storage rack for your Power Armor.  You can see a sampling of the photos below or explore the entire build on Flickr.

Red Rocket 3

Red Rocket 2

Red Rocket 6

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