Colorful Ghosts Liven Up A Dead Room In New Ikea Commercial

I work in marketing so from time to time I’ll come across non-Halloween season ads or campaigns that have a spooky twist.  Like this macabre Volvo commercial, this Ghostbusters ad prank, or this creepy Kubrick-esque ice cream commercial.  This week I came across a new ad from Ikea that stars a group of colorful ghosts who show up to liven up a drab home.

The ad, simply titled “Ghosts” features a group of your typical white sheet ghosts enjoying (if you can call it that) a rather drab gathering while the owners of the home they’re haunting are away. But when a group of ghosts made of more colorful prints arrives they liven up the party and eventually, the room.

My favorite was probably the twerking ghost.

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