‘Dead By Daylight’ Year 4 Roadmap Includes Rework of Freddy Krueger and Badham Preschool

Freddy Krueger in "Dead By Daylight"

Last Week Behaviour Interactive released a teaser officially revealing Ghost Face from the Scream franchise as the next killer in the game “Dead By Daylight.” But fans of the game have a lot more to look forward to in the coming year as the developer looks to expand the game’s universe. Details on the expansion were announced during a Year 3 Anniversary Livestream on Twitch, where Behaviour Interactive Creative Director Dave Richard revealed that the year 4 roadmap would bring new chapters, new characters, and even some reworks to Freddy Krueger and one of his maps.

According to Richard in year 4 there will be the standard new chapter release every three months, but also the release of two new maps, along with a rework of some of the game’s existing maps and characters.

At the heart of the map reworks will be a focus on balance, ensuring the most balanced experience possible between Killers and Survivors. Work will also be done to adjust visuals in the map, improving things like lighting, and art assets. One of the first maps to get a rework will be Freddy Krueger’s Badham Preschool map.

In addition to the map rework, Freddy himself will be getting some tweaks. In the game Freddy’s power’s will be reworked completely, creating new gameplay, and will align closer with the actual character from A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Beyond aesthetics and new content, the developers also announced a number of updates to improve game quality, including improved matchmaking, the addition of dedicated servers, improved frame rates, and more.

The reworks to Freddy and his map are expected to be rolled out later this year.

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