Documentary Miniseries ‘On the Trail of Bigfoot’ Hits DVD and VOD Today

The documentary miniseries that chronicled the cross-country examination of Bigfoot lore, “On the Trail of Bigfoot,” is now available from Small Town Monsters.

Shot throughout 2018, the six-episode series was filmed in 14 U.S. states and features over 20 interviews with witnesses, investigators, historians, and researchers on the American legend. “On the Trail of Bigfoot” walks viewers through the history of the Bigfoot phenomenon, starting with the earliest known reports of apelike creatures in the 1800s and bringing them all the way up to the modern day.

Director, writer, producer, narrator and star, Seth Breedlove spent weeks out in the forested regions of the United States with those seeking evidence of Bigfoot and came away convinced that there just might be something to the existence of a long-lost, hairy primate roaming North American forests after all…

During filming of the nearly three hour series, Breedlove experienced numerous unusual incidents, and even managed to capture some mysterious eyeshine watching his camp from a nearby hillside. Along the way, he was joined by skeptics, Bigfoot enthusiasts and those intent on solving the mystery once and for all. Over the course of six episodes, the series examines every aspect of one of America’s most enduring legends, from decades of alleged sightings of terrifying monsters in middle America, to the ongoing search to find proof of the creature’s existence.

“On the Trail of Bigfoot” is available now on Amazon Instant Video, Vimeo OnDemand, and VIDI Space. The two-disc DVD is available from Small Town Monsters.

On the Trail of Bigfoot Official Poster

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