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Get a Closer Look at the Exclusive ‘Stranger Things’ Accessories Coming to Target

Earlier this year Funko unveiled the bulk of their “Stranger Things 3” merchandise lineup, but this week they released new images of some of the exclusive accessories that will be coming to Target stores in the coming weeks.

Glassware & Water Bottles

Unlike last year’s drinkware featuring the show’s characters, this years releases feature on locations from the series including Scoops Ahoy, Starcourt Mall, Camp Know Where (the camp Dustin attends in season 3) and Hawkins Pool. The water bottles feature the character silhouette design previously revealed on a lunch box and blanket as well as the logos for Hawkins High School and Hawkins Middle School AV Club.

Stranger Things 3 inspired glassware and water bottles.
(Images: Funko)


Fans of Dustin will have the chance to rock the same Camp Know Where hat Dustin wears in the series, or pick up a character silhouette hat.

Hats inspired by Stranger Things 3 being sold at Target
(Images: Funko)


Stranger Things 3 button 4 pack
(Image: Funko)


Stranger Things 3 Camp Know Where socks
(Image: Funko)


It doesn’t get more 80s than a fanny pack and Target will carry fanny packs as well as backpacks inspired by “Stranger Things 3”

Stranger Things 3 backpacks and fanny packs
(Images: Funko)

The exact release date of these new products hasn’t been announced, however I already saw the buttons in my local Target last week along with a number of the new Stranger Things 3 Pop! figures, so my hunch is that this merchandise will start slowly rolling out to stores in the coming weeks.

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