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Is This the New Mountain Dew for Halloween 2019?

Updated 4/11/2019

Its rare we get Halloween food and beverage news this early in the year, which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered on Instagram that someone had shared a bottle of Voo-Dew, the alleged Halloween Mountain Dew flavor being released this Halloween.

The photo was posted by mtndewgirl330 and while there is no way to confirm its authenticity, the drink does seem to align with the MTN DEW VOO-DEW trademark that was purchased by Pepsico last October.

If this is a legitimate leak, it appears that this is a 2019 exclusive flavor, it is apparently a mystery flavor, and the packaging definitely alludes to a Halloween release since the label appears to feature a Grim Reaper-like character behind the words VOO-DEW.

I reached out to see if I could find out the source of the image that was posted, but at the time of this writing had not gotten a response.

UPDATE: Since this was posted another, clearer image of the bottle surfaced on Reddit. The image was then reshared by CandyHunting on Instagram. Check it out below. The bottles definitely look the same, but you can better see the detail in this image.

If this is Mountain Dew’s plan for 2019, it leaves us to wonder the fate of Mountain Dew Pitch Black, the seasonal favorite that returned in 2016 after a five-year hiatus. Regardless, I love Mountain Dew and I’m excited about just the possibility of a new flavor for 2019!

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