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Living Dead Dolls Series 35 Revealed at Toy Fair New York 2018

Earlier this month, Mezco Toyz teased the release of series 35 of Living Dead Dolls.  The series, which will mark the 20th anniversary of Living Dead Dolls was announced with the reveal of Galeras, named after one of the most active volcanos in Columbia. But over the weekend attendees of Toy Fair New York 2018 got their first glimpse at three more of the dolls along with the hint that a fifth doll is still yet to be revealed.

Each doll was on display with no more than the series number and a Summer 2018 release date, but no further details appear to have been revealed as part of the event.  You can see images of the dolls below as shared by LivingDeadDollsPictures on Instagram.

Overall I really like the look of this series. While I liked the ghostly backstory and effort that went into building the story of series 34, I wasn’t a huge fan of the dolls themselves. Hopefully more details about the series 35 dolls and their backstories will be revealed closer to their release this summer.

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  1. The pink haired doll is actually based on an original handmade named Candy Rotten….
    I’m wondering if the secret doll is another version of Sadie (since she’s the mascot to LDD and all).

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