The Macabre 2016 Volvo Commercial You Probably Never Saw

Recently Digiday released it’s 6 best ads you didn’t see in 2016.  In it were a handful of lightly entertaining ad spots that most people likely never saw.  Of the six, one from Volvo caught my attention most.  When it comes to selling cars, most companies wouldn’t use death to sell, but last year the Swedish car maker did just that when they released a spec spot aptly titled “ABC of Death.”

Created by filmmakers Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz, the 43-second spot uses black humor to illustrate the safety advantages of Volvo’s Autonomous Driving system.  Accompanied by a Sinatra-esque tune that introduces you to Amber, Barry, Clara and a progression of characters whose names start with each letter of the alphabet and then shows you their untimely demise.  It’s unclear if the spot was ever aired on television, but it has amassed over 630,000 views on YouTube since its posting in late October.

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