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Misfit Beauty Co Releasing Eyeshadow Pallette Inspired by ‘Coraline’

Over the last few weeks, Misfit Beauty Co has been teasing its next big release, a pressed eyeshadow palette inspired by the 2009 stop motion animated film Coraline.

The new palette, named “The Other World,” will be released on February 1 and features nine different colors inspired by the film. The shade names are, The Other Mother, Yellow Raincoat, What’s Shakin’ Baby, Button Eyes, Sweet Ghost Girl, Pink Palace, Coraline Jones, Magic Mud, and Circus Mice.

The initial palette announcement came in the form of the black and white photo below, but over the last few days, the company has begun showcasing the individual colors on Instagram. So far Yellow Raincoat, Coraline Jones, and Pink Palace have been revealed.

Once released, the palette will be available on the Misfit Beauty website. Previously the company released a Stranger Things inspired palette and a zombie themed “Brains & Beauty” palette.

UPDATE: The palette has since been expanded to include 12 colors, and many of the colors have since been moved or changed. The finaly 12 colors in the palette are, Yellow Raincoat, Coraline Jones, Pink Palace, Sweet Ghost Girl, What’s Shakin’ Baby, Circus Mice, Mango Milkshake, The Other Mother, Tunnel Between Worlds, Poison Oak, Miss Spink, and Miss Forcible. The full color palette can be seen in the image below, which was shared on Instagram:

In addition to announcing a larger palette, the cosmetics maker announced seven new single colors as part of the collection, named Snapdragon, Secret Door, Button Eyes, Wybie, Other Side of the Door, Magic Mud, and Mirror World. The full collection is now live on

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