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Misfit Beauty Co Unveils New ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Inspired Eyeshadow Palette

Misfit Beauty Co has been on a roll this year with its themed eyeshadow palette releases. First we got a Coraline palette, and more recently a Beetlejuice palette, but this week the cosmetics company is releasing a new palette inspired by the Tim Burton classic Edward Scissorhands.

The palette, which will be released this Friday, July 5 at 10 AM PST, is called “Castle on the Hill” and features 15 shadows including 11 smooth mattes and four buttery shimmers. Though the film is considered a gothic fairytale, this palette is far from gothic as most of the colors are brighter and better reflect the suburban life Edward tries to conform to after leaving his castle on the hill.

“Castle on the Hill” is a sturdy white cardboard palette and the first Misfit Beauty Co palette to come with a mirror. The palette features shades themed to the film with names like “Peg,” “Avon Calling,” “Suburban Neighborhood,” and “Ambrosia Salad.” Check out the full list of colors below.

"Castle on the Hill" Edward Scissorhands inspired eyeshadow palette from Misfit Beauty Co
(Image: Misfit Beauty Co)

Once released the palette will join a handful of other items already released from the collection including the “Darn This Stuff” primer/setting spray, “The Inventor” loose highlighter, and “Angelic Ice Sculpture” loose iridescent chunky glitter.

Once released, the palette will be available for purchase at

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