Hot Topic Releasing Exclusive Beetlejuice Eyeshadow Palette This Fall

Handbook for the Recently Deceased Eyeshadow Palette

Hot Topic has teased that they are releasing an exclusive Beetlejuice themed eyeshadow palette later this year.  The palette, which was shared on the retailer’s social media profiles last week is made to look like The Handbook for the Recently Deceased, featured in the classic Tim Burton film.

Details around the release are limited to what we can gain from social media posts, but so far we know that palette will be released in the fall and at least four of the colors are named Strange + Unusual, Darkroom, Miss Argentina, and Dante’s Inferno.

Revelist reports the palette will retail for $17, but when it will go on sale is still a mystery.

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  1. We were at Hot Topic over the weekend, and we were really impressed with how much cool horror related stuff they had! Just purchased one of their Scream shirts too, and it was so soft and the design was really well printed. A+ for Hot Topic!

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