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Mountain Dew’s Original Halloween Soda ‘Pitch Black’ Returning in 2023

Mountain Dew announced on Tuesday the return of its original Halloween soft drink, Pitch Black. The news came via a short video highlighting how much fans clamored for the flavor’s return.

Pitch Black first arrived for the 2004 Halloween season and was Mountain Dew’s first foray into Halloween releases, which would become a staple of the season with the introduction of VooDew in 2019. The black grape-flavored soda was a hit and has seen numerous re-releases and variations since, including a zero-sugar variety, Mtn Dew Energy, and a freeze release.

While the flavor is set to make its return on 1/1/23, it technically never entirely went away. The flavor was made permanent in 2016, and after a three-year run became a soda fountain exclusive, which means you can only get the drink at select convenience stores here in the U.S. But on January 1, fans will be able to pick up Mountain Dew Pitch Black in regular, zero-sugar, and energy varieties in bottles and cans for the first time in several years.

Check out the announcement video released by Mountain Dew on social media below:

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