Netflix Has Declared November 6 ‘Stranger Things Day,’ But What Does It Mean?

Last week, Netflix announced on social media that tomorrow, November 6 would be celebrated as “Stranger Things Day.” Accompanied by a video featuring clips from the show as well as fan made content, the video highlights that November 6 is an important day because its the day Will Byers first went missing in 1983. Beyond that, we don’t know much about what Netflix has planned. In fact on Twitter the video was simply accompanied with the words, “see you on #strangerthingsday, nerds.”

So what’s in store for “Stranger Things Day?” We don’t really know. However, there are a few things that could be coming in to play here:

1. November 6 is the Release Date for Stranger Things Season 2 on Blu-ray and DVD

“Stranger Things” Season 2 is set to be released on DVD on Tuesday and like season one, will be available at Target in a special three disc collectors VHS box. Very little details are available on the release, but its definitely scheduled to drop tomorrow and perhaps this “event” is designed to coincide with the release.

2. Season 3 is Set To Wrap This Month

According to Screen Rant, the third season of “Stranger Things” is scheduled to conclude filming this month, which means its possible enough footage has been recorded for them to give us a trailer or teaser for the upcoming season, which has still yet to receive an official release date or trailer beyond the fake ad for Hawkins Mall, which alluded to a summer 2019 release of the season.

Or, “Stranger Things Day” could be something else entirely. With fan footage being interlaced into the video for the event, its very possible this could be something else entirely. Perhaps its new content celebrating fans of the show, or something similar. Perhaps we’ll get a behind the scenes glimpse at season 3 or even some new “Beyond Stranger Things” content on Netflix to hold us over until the show’s return next year.

Whatever it is, fans of the show are bound to be excited about whatever is set to come. So if you’re a fan, keep an eye on the Netflix and “Stranger Things” socials tomorrow to find out exactly what’s in store.

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