Photographer Explores The Everyday Lives of Horror Icons in #EverydayHorrors Project

Freddy image from Jason Shaltz' #EverydayHorror 2

Ever wonder what your favorite horror movie icons do when they’re not out murdering, torturing, and terrorizing their neighborhoods?  Photographer Jason Shaltz decided to explore just that in a personal project he calls #EverydayHorrors.  The two-volume project follows Leatherface, Freddy, Jason, Ghostface, Michael Myers, Pennywise, Pinhead and more as they go about their lives around the streets of New York City.  On his website, Shaltz explains the project as follows:

“#EverydayHorrors provides humorous contrast between subject and environment, while simultaneously exhibiting New Yorkers’ propensity to tunnel-vision syndrome: completely uninterested in their surroundings.”

From Michael Myers at the movies to Freddy hailing a cab, the project really does capture some of your favorite horror icons in truly everyday situations.  Below is one example from the collection featuring Pinhead from the Hellraiser films.  I particularly enjoyed this one because of the simplicity of the photo along with the use of a Rubik’s Cube as a clear homage to the Lament Configuration.  Other favorites include the “Necessities” photos like the one above for Freddy Krueger, which appeared in Volume Two, and include all of the daily essentials for these horror favorites.  Check out #EverydayHorros Volume One and Volume Two, and if you want a piece for yourself you can purchase prints, books, t-shirts and more featuring various photos from the project on the Rotten Cake Etsy shop.

#EVERYDAYHORRORS Day 14: Lemarchand’s box is a fictional lock puzzle appearing in horror stories by Clive Barker, or in works based on his original stories. The best known of these boxes is the Lament Configuration, which features prominently throughout the Hellraiser movie series. This was designed and made by Simon Sayce, one of the original creative team members. A Lemarchand’s box is a mystical/mechanical device that acts as a door — or a key to a door — to another dimension or plane of existence. The solution to the puzzle creates a bridge through which beings may travel in either direction across this “Schism.” The inhabitants of these other realms may seem demonic to humans. An ongoing debate in the film series is whether the realm accessed by the Lament Configuration is intended to be the Abrahamic  version of, or a dimension of endless pain and suffering that is original to the Hellraiser films. #themoreyouknow #hellraiser #clivebarker #lemarchandsbox #dougbradley #rubikscube #newdimension #pleasureandpain #rottencake #timeoutnewyork

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