Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ‘Killer Skin’ Ad Among Most Watched Super Bowl Ads on YouTube

Final scene in the #KillerSkin ad

Nearly 50 commercials aired nationally during Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII, including Olay’s very first big game ad, “Killer Skin,” which took a unique approach to beauty advertising by going genre. AdWeek has shared some of the data on this year’s commercials and Gellar’s return to horror helped make the ad one of the top ten most-viewed on YouTube.

The 30 second spot ranked eighth among the top 10 ads viewed on YouTube Sunday, beating out Super Bowl commercial veterans M&M’s and Budweiser.

While Gellar had hoped the commercial would generate a bit of buzz, it doesn’t appear that was the case outside of YouTube. In fact, the ad didn’t even register in Twitter’s #BrandBowl, which tracked and awarded the most tweeted about brands and commercials during Sunday’s game.

Did you catch Gellar’s return to horror in “Killer Skin?” What did you think of the ad?

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