Sega’s Controversial Horror Game Night Trap Gets Surprise 25th Anniversary Release

If you’re old enough to have played the Sega CD or Sega 32X you’ll remember that one of the most exciting things about the systems at the time were the interactive movie games like Sewer Shark, Double Switch, Corpse Killer, and a controversial title by the name of Night Trap.  Once described as being “shameful”, “ultra-violent”, “sick” and “disgusting,” Night Trap paid homage to classic 70’s and 80’s horror by putting a group of scantily clad teen girls in a house alone where they are suddenly under attack by a hoard of vampire-like aliens.  Your job, as the player, was to survey the house remotely and help protect the girls from harm.  Now 25 years later, the game is being revived and remastered for modern consoles and was announced with this totally 90’s trailer and theme song:

An exact release date has not been announced, but the trailer and official website both list Spring 2017 as the release on both Xbox One and PS4.  According to Polygon, the game will also get a limited physical release on PS4 from Limited Run Games with three different covers all themed to the original U.S. Sega CD releases.

No other details are being made available at this point, but fans of the game, fans of horror, and fans of video games are sure to be in for a treat in the coming months when this title hits modern consoles. In the meantime, be sure to download the Night Trap theme song MP3 from the Screaming Villains website.

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