Terror Films and BingeWave Teaming Up for Theatrical Screenings of 15 Horror Titles

Terror Films is teaming up with BingeWave to provide a theatrical experience for a slate of 15 indie horror films, from the Terror Films’ library.

The list of films includes some of Terror Films’ most popular titles including Hell House LLC, Close Calls, The Barn, and Pool Party Massacre. The screenings will take place over the next six months in various cities and venues across the country. While no exact dates and locations have been announced at this time, the screening dates and venues will be promoted across social media and through the BingeWave website.

It’ll be interesting to see where these titles wind up as BingeWave’s business model opens screenings up not only to theaters, but any local business that has proper video and audio equipment. The trade off of course is that movie-goers get to see content in a cinematic-like experience, typically at a lower cost.

“We envision this partnership benefiting the horror fan by creating a stronger and more vibrant film community, access to amazing content and more affordable ticket prices – especially in big cities like New York,” says BingeWave CEO and founder Devin Dixon.

You can check out the full list of titles being hosted as part of the partnership below:

The list of 15 films playing as part of the partnership between Terror Films and BingeWave

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