Where To Stream the Films from Dread Central’s “Everyday is Halloween” 31-Day Horror Challenge

Dread Central Horror Challenge week 1 calendar

Dread Central has posted its latest 31-day movie challenge and this time the list is designed to get folks excited about both Halloween the film and the holiday. It’s put together a pretty solid list of Halloween-themed horror films that are perfect for the season, but one of my frustrations with these lists is that they simply list the films and highlight whether they are available on Blu-ray, DVD, or VOD.  Since this list is designed for the Halloween season I figured I’d do a little digging for you and help highlight which of the popular streaming services you can catch some of the films from the list on. You can check out the full calendar on Dread Central, but here are the nearly half a dozen you can stream for those of us who have already spent way too much money on Halloween this year.

  • October 3 – Terrifier (Netflix)
  • October 4 – Tales of Halloween (Netflix)
  • October 5 – The Houses October Built (Hulu)
  • October 6 – The Houses October Built 2 (Hulu)
  • October 15 – Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (Hulu)
  • October 16 – Halloween: Resurrection (Hulu with CINEMAX® add-on)
  • October 18 – Halloween II (2009) – (Hulu with SHOWTIME® add-on)
  • October 20 – Donnie Darko (Netflix)
  • October 21 – Hocus Pocus (This one isn’t streaming, but you can catch it on this day on Freeform at 11:05am/10:05c or 7:05pm/6:05c as part of their “31 Nights of Halloween“)
  • October 26 – House of 1000 Corpses (Hulu with HBO® add-on)
  • October 30 – The Crow (Prime Video)

Obviously, some of the other films on Dread Central’s list may be available on genre streaming services like Screambox and Shudder. I know that the October 23 film, The Barn, will be part of Screambox’s offering thanks to their new partnership with Terror Films.

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