Zombies and Vampires Part of New Emoji Release

The Unicode Consortium has released its latest version of the Unicode Standard and with it, they announced 56 new emoji characters, including a set of zombies and vampires.  The new zombie emojis are available in both male and female form, while the vampire emojis are available in 12 different variations of sex and skin tone.

Zombie Emojis

Zombie Man EmojiZombie Woman Emoji

Vampire Emojis

Man Vampire EmojiMan Vampire Emoji: Light Skin ToneMan Vampire Emoji: Medium-Light Skin ToneMan Vampire Emoji: Medium Skin ToneMan Vampire Emoji: Medium-Dark Skin ToneMan Vampire Emoji: Dark Skin Tone

Woman Vampire EmojiWoman Vampire Emoji: Light Skin ToneWoman Vampire Emoji: Medium-Light Skin ToneWoman Vampire Emoji: Medium Skin ToneWoman Vampire Emoji: Medium-Dark Skin ToneWoman Vampire Emoji: Dark Skin Tone

In addition to these spooky new emojis, the update will also include some fantasy related emojis such as elves, mages, fairies, merpeople, and genies.  While the additions were announced this week, phones likely won’t see the additions to their keyboards until sometime this fall.  Typically support for new emojis rolls out with operating system updates for phones.  For instance, the Unicode 9 update was released in June of 2016, but didn’t hit iOS or Android devices until fall of that year when new software updates were pushed to iOS and Android phones.

The zombie and vampire emojis are the perfect addition to a Halloween and horror lover’s keyboard.  Which of these new emojis are you most excited about?

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