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Announcing ‘By Pumpkin’s Light’ — A New Podcast from All Hallows Geek and Spooky Little Halloween

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In case you missed the news when it was announced on social media on Tuesday, Miranda from Spooky Little Halloween and I have launched a new podcast called “By Pumpkin’s Light.” Today, the first three episodes arrive wherever you listen to podcasts.

About the Podcast

“By Pumpkin’s Light” is a new bi-weekly Halloween podcast where Miranda and I sit down with fellow content creators, musicians, artists, small business owners, haunted attractions and events, and more to tell the story behind their love of Halloween. “By Pumpkin’s Light” aims to get to the heart of what each guest loves about October 31, then share how that led to the Halloween magic they create.

The first three episodes are available now on your favorite podcast platforms and feature interviews with Halloween hitmakers LVCRFT, artist Sam Heimer, and Sam from Halloween Happy.

You can keep up with all the latest episodes at or by subscribing on your podcast platform of choice. For episode updates and bonus content, you can also sign up for The Pumpkin Gutzette, our monthly newsletter sent on the first Tuesday of every month.

You can also follow us on social media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Doing Our Part to Make Every Day Feel Like Halloween

So how did “By Pumpkin’s Light” become a thing? Well, the idea first came to me during the 2020 Halloween season. During that time, I hosted a weekly Instagram Live series called “Friday Night Frights,” where each week, I would invite a guest from the Halloween world to talk about what they were working on as a fun way to keep the Halloween spirit alive during the first Halloween season of the COVID-19 pandemic. But I still had an itch I wanted to scratch once they were over. I loved talking to these people, and my followers generally seemed engaged during each interview, and I wanted to do more. The problem was I didn’t want to keep using Instagram.

Of course, my first thought was a podcast. So, I got to work and began my podcast research journey. As the pandemic raged on, another Halloween content creator continued to do her own set of Instagram Live’s featuring several Halloween creators and small business owners. That Halloween content creator was no other than Miranda. I loved her energy and professionalism when it came to her Live’s, and it got me thinking about an opportunity to pool our talents for a Halloween interview podcast. But at the time, I couldn’t bring myself to actually start.

I sat on the idea until 2022 when my wife essentially forced it out of me during our visit to Midsummer Scream. Miranda recounts it quite nicely in her post announcing the podcast, but long story short, while we were sitting in a hotel lobby eating pizza the first night of Midsummer Scream, my wife piped up and asked me in front of Miranda, “Are you gonna ask her?” (Referring to me asking Miranda if she would want to partner on a podcast) I didn’t ask, and despite Miranda asking repeatedly, I avoided the topic the entire weekend. It wasn’t until a week later, when Miranda was back in Texas, that I was willing to pitch the idea, and thankfully she said yes.

So after the Halloween season ended last year, we jumped into putting together the pieces. We fleshed out the concept, the thing that would set us apart from the other Halloween and adjacent podcasts out there. We came up with a name. (Which, by the way, was inspired by a vintage Halloween poem I read) And we spent hours working on all the behind-the-scenes pieces that would ultimately become the podcast you can now listen to.

“By Pumpkin’s Light” is a different flavor of content than you’re used to consuming here on All Hallows Geek, but if you love Halloween as much as I do, I think it’s something you are bound to enjoy. So turn down the lights, light a jack-o-lantern, and listen as we share the stories behind various creators of Halloween magic.

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