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Spirit Halloween Blows Open the Gates to Spirit Hallows Cemetery Debuting Over a Dozen New Animatronics

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On Wednesday, Spirit Halloween flung open the gates to its Spirit Hallows Cemetery, the home to this year’s lineup of animatronics. It debuted 14 of the 18 new animatronics it has been teasing for the 2023 Halloween season, which also happens to be a landmark 40th season for the Halloween retailer. Among this year’s highlights are the Crypt Keeper from “Tales from the Crypt,” Leatherface from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and Slim from “Killer Klowns from Outer Space.” Check out these newly revealed animatronics below:

The Crypt Keeper

This 2.5-foot-tall animatronic inspired by the “Tales from the Crypt” host moves his head and eyes as he says one of 10 pun-filled sayings. The new animatronic is available for purchase now and is a SpiritHalloween.com exclusive. The new animatronic costs $399.99.


Leatherface Pretty Woman Mask animatronic

One of three new Leatherface animatronics debuting in 2023 (Lowe’s and Party City are also getting a Leatherface), Spirit Halloween’s Leatherface features the chainsaw-wielding killer in his “pretty woman mask.” This officially licensed Texas Chainsaw Massacre animatronic features the iconic killer in his more formal blue suit, making chainsaw sounds and grunts when activated. Unfortunately, Leatherface is not yet ready for purchase and is listed as “Coming Soon,” but once available, you can grab him here at SpiritHalloween.com.


Spirit Halloween’s lineup of “Killer Klowns From Outer Space” animatronics is growing this year with the addition of Slim. Slim joins Shorty, who was released in 2021. The new animatronic stands just over seven feet tall and comes equipped with his green popcorn bag. The animatronic plays circus music and laughs while reaching out with the bag. Slim is available for purchase now for $399.99.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Slim animatronic

The Black Heart

The Black Heart is a nearly seven-foot reaper animatronic that reveals the lifeless body of one of his victims concealed by his cloak while saying one of three sinister phrases. The Black Heart is available for purchase now for $299.99.

The Black Heart animatronic exposing his victim

Creepy Rising Doll

This five-foot Creepy Rising Doll animatronic lures guests in with its eerie baby voice, but the voice quickly shifts to dark and distributing, and then its eyes change to glowing red before it reveals its full six-foot tall stature. The Creepy Rising Doll animatronic is available now for $229.99.

Creepy Rising Doll animatronic

Dagger Mike

The first of four new clown animatronics coming to Spirit Halloween for 2023, Dagger Mike starts out looking small and innocent at just three feet 11 inches tall, but get too close, and he starts to laugh before popping up at nearly five feet tall and screaming. You’ll know once he’s about to strike once you see his head tilt upward as his body prepares to pop up for a fright! Dagger Mike is available for purchase now and is priced at $169.99.

Dagger Mike animatronic

Death Stalker

The Death Stalker is a new menacing animatronic that stands just over seven feet tall. This unique creature features a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth yet no other truly definable facial features. The creature moves from side to side, and you can attach a fog machine to the animatronic to make him blow fog from his creepy tooth-filled face. Death Stalker is an online-only release and is available for purchase now for $279.99.

The Death Stalker animatronic blowing fog from its tooth-filled mouth.

Eternal Rest

The new three-foot Eternal Rest animatronic is literally part of the Spirit Hallows Cemetery. This tombstone animatronic is possessed by a doomed lover who comes to life anytime someone comes close to her lover’s grave. You’ll be drawn in by the lovers weeping, but then watch as she turns her head 360 degrees to reveal a set of red LED light-up eyes and a horrifying skeletal face you won’t soon forget!

The Eternal Rest animatronic showing the weeping woman side of the tombstone


Another “Coming Soon!” animatronic, Gourdo, is a Jack-o-Lantern animatronic that sits atop a moss-covered pedestal. This grinning jack features light-up LED yellow eyes and pop-up mechanics, which expose his pumpkin guts as he extends up to 4 feet 5 inches tall. For more information and to purchase Gourdo once he’s available, visit SpiritHalloween.com.

Groudo extended to reveal his pumpkin guts

Grave Watcher

Another animatronic with a relatively small stature, Grave Watcher, stands just three feet tall. Their punishment for past sins against the underworld is keeping a tormented vigil over the dead. This animatronic tilts its head and moves its arms, saying one of four different sayings. The yellow LED light-up candles and red LED eyes truly bring this animatronic life. Grave Watcher is available for purchase now for $79.99.

Grave Watcher animatronic


Spirit Halloween’s second new clown animatronic for 2023 comes to life with a built-in servo mechanism that allows him to offer one of his poisonous gas balloons. This sad-looking clown features three different sayings and stands just over 6.5 feet tall. Heckles is available for purchase now for $279.99.

Heckles animatronic

Lil Jack Carver

Lil Jack Carver might look like your average scarecrow, but get a little closer, and he removes his Jack-o-Lantern head to expose his true identity, the nightmarish Pumpkin Boy. Like Dagger Mike, Lil Jack Carver laughs as he’s approached and then screams when he pops up to unveil his true identity. Lil Jack Carver is just over 3.5 inches tall and illuminated by yellow LED lights. This all-new animatronic is available for purchase now for $169.99.

Lil Jack Carver with his jack-o-lantern raised above his head to unveil his terrifying undead face.

Poor Georgie

Another sad clown animatronic, Poor Georgie, was a good clown whose life and body were cut short when he was sliced in half by a cable car. Put him on display and watch as he terrifies guests with his maniacal laugh and flipping torso that rotates at the shoulders. Poor Georgie stands just over four feet tall and is available for purchase now for $179.99.

Poor Georgie animatronic


Rounding out Spirit Halloween’s animatronics reveals for Wednesday is Stilts, an eight-foot-tall clown animatronic. This giant juggling clown holds two bloodied bowling pins as he moves side to side and turns his head 360 degrees. Stilts is another “Coming Soon!” animatronic, but once available, you’ll be able to grab him here.

Stilts animatronic
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