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ScareLA Teases Four Mazes Coming to 2018’s Event

In their latest email, ScareLA teased four new mazes that are coming to the 2018 event and the promise of more programming reveals soon.  The event, which is just three weeks away, has been slow to reveal any details about their 2018 offerings. Last week the convention announced a new creative direction for this year’s event and now we are getting a glimpse at the programming offerings attendees can expect.

Two Mazes from Nightmare on Loganberry Creator Donald Julson

Donald Julson, a popular home haunter that was featured in the documentary Haunters: The Art of Scare is reportedly creating two mazes for this year’s ScareLa, the first to be announced is “The Nightmare Ontology League Field Research Clinic.”

The Nightmare Ontology League Field Research Clinic is in the middle of running clinical trials and needs volunteers to try the new anti-dream drug NoL-Doz. Although NoL is still trying to work out some kinks in the dosage, we are confident that there will be little to no side effects! That being said, in a small number of cases psychotic breakdowns and death have been reported…

The second maze from Julson is named “Cinerarium.”

Cinerarium Artwork

To protect their small city, the townspeople tried to burn down evidence of the demonic rituals that Funeral Director’s Craig Earl performed in the crematorium. But the fires have only made the evil stronger and now the Burned are coming for us all! Tour the charnel house and pray you make it through unsinged.

Other Featured Haunts

In addition to new mazes from Donald Julson, ScareLA has announced the inclusion of Rizo Scarehouse, which comes with a warning that it’s not for the faint of heart.  “It’s not a maze, it’s not an escape room…there IS NO escape.”

ScareLA will also host an all-new original maze named Descension.  Details are slim on the new maze beyond that it is castle-themed and it may or may not be haunted.

In addition to mazes, ScareLA 2018 promises to have hundreds of dark exhibitors and vendors, dozens of interactive experiences, roaming monsters, slider shows, dark magic, seances, screenings, panels and presentations, classes, and More.  Hopefully, more details are released soon because ScareLA descends upon the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 25 and 26. VIP Monster Weekend tickets are sold out, but Fear Freak Weekend Tickets and General Admission Weekend Tickets are still available and can be purchased here.

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  1. I’m hoping to attend for the first time this year! I just went to Midsummer Scream in Long Beach and that was fun. I’m really looking forward to Scare LA.

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