Turbo Tax Launches New “There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of” Horror Ads to Kick off Tax Season

It’s rare we get horror commercials outside of Halloween season, but tax software Turbo Tax has scared up a series of new ads as part of their “There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of” campaign that suggests not everything is as scary as it may seem, including taxes.

The four new spots feature various scary situations, which turn out to be less scary than they initially appear.  A woman hiding in a closet, a noise in the attic, a creature in the woods, and a Spanish spot featuring the infamous Chupacabra.  According to AdWeek, two additional spots are expected to be released later this month as part of the campaign, but the first four can be seen below:

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  1. The commercials are so dumb and waist of money. I wish they were not on tv and wish I could delete them or avoid all together them pointless commercials

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